Chapters: Interactive Stories- All about Gold Rush


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Chapters: Interactive Stories is a portable app created on the iPhone by Chineseall Corporation and on Android by Crazy Maple Studio Dev. On both systems, the play is very successful.

The overall rate of the product in the Google Play Store is 4.5, and the App Store has been ranked similarly. It combines millions of Android and iOS games. It’s no wonder the game is so significant because it’s so funny to practice and play with deep intent.

Today we will discuss one widely debated story in Chapters Interactive stories that have created huge repercussions among the gamers. In the young adult genre, Gold Rush is a book that was published on July 5, 2018, and became one of the most popular stories in 2018.


Gold is an incredibly famous boyband made up of three beautiful teenage males: Rian, Luke, and Noah. When they want to join Oakwood’s private school, most pupils are excited aside.

Then it’s Iris. She certainly enjoys the group. But as most of the others, she is not as mesmerised because of the stardom of these students. The reason is she has a famous brother.

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That’s why Gold notices her, and she is unexpectedly caught up in the shenanigans Gold often do in their love lives in some instances.

The original Author of Gold Rush is Jordan Lynde, and the story had been published in Zotpad by the author.

Behind the scenes of the game development

Crazy Maple Studio creates the license of the book either through a direct distribution agreement or an income split from the publisher or author.

While the primary authorised narrative has some variances, around 90% of the initial story is maintained.

Crazy Maple Studio often will invite the writer to provide further material for extra dialogue in the game that was not in the initial plot. In the game, there are plays centred on famous books as well as debut authors ‘ books to assist the gaming public meet fresh writers like Jordan Lynde.

The gameplay

You are the only one who chooses how the story expands in Chapters: Interactive Stories. You provide a number of decisions, and you can create changes in each section; which is where the title originates from. All the story finishes are distinct, depending on your decisions.

Final words

In reality, the genre young adult has become the most exciting stories, and Gold Rush is one such kind. The concept of personalised gamification is another aspect that has made the game entirely more appealing to young gamers.

Gems play an essential factor as usual in the stories, but despite the trivia created by the negative reviews about the game, a few stories always create an impact on gamers mind and Gold Rush is one such. Bottom line is the story is worth playing in the game.