Latest Introduction Of Mario Kart Tour


As the craze of action games is mushrooming day by day only because of its great features. Similarly, people those who are going to playing the Mario Kart Tour game taking advantage of its great features.

Well, you can easily start playing this action game that will come with amazing classic Mario courses. Mario Kart Tour is the game in which you are going to play with the friends and go on a world tour.

Basically, you can go global in the new Mario game they will show you great racing skills courses that are inspired by the real world cities.

Not only this, plethora kinds of characters that players will find in the game, so be ready to use them in order to complete you all the races. Local flavor of the cities featured in the game that will definitely give you the best outcomes.

People those who are going to play the game, try to pay attention on the characters, controllers as well as the frenzy mode in which they are going to play the game wisely. Now I am going to explain all the great facts related to the game in upcoming paragraphs.

Accumulate drivers, karts, badges and other items!

As you know that the game is all about the racing, so now people will get various kinds of things that will definitely make lots of twists in the life of the gamers. Well, get ready to earn grand stars by completing and winning the races in the game.

Make sure, players need to collect the drivers, karts and the most important is the gliders. Due to this, they can earn more and more experienced.

Due to this, you can proudly display the badges those are earned after completing various kinds of challenges in the game. Therefore, be ready for the action in the racing game because it is unique.

Bonus challenges

Plethora kinds of bonus challenges are available in the game on which players need to pay attention on. Well, when you newly have joined the game, then you will find the various kinds of bonus challenge list that you need to check out in order to select the race and win amazing rewards.

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Make sure, your goal always should be comes on the 1st and their names would be Mega Bowser and the Goomba Takedown that will definitely be counted in the bonus challenge coerces. Consequently, you can easily take participation in it and start playing the game wisely.

Race to enhance your online rank

As you already have joined your social networking account with the game, so it will automatically give you a chance to play with your friends. Be ready to participate in different kinds of car races and it will decide the ranking of yours.

Consequently, players will get the ranking that will automatically help them to get better outcomes on which you can pay attention on. It would be really supportive for you on which you can pay attention on.

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Comprehensive Beginners Guide To My Story: Choose Your Own Path Game


My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a popular RPGs story game getting enjoyed by all of its users. Mainly the game is based on different kinds of stories such as romance, college life, drama, comedy, and so on.

Creating a good Avatar helps players to lead the role and play every chapter smoothly. Players can easily play the game on Android and iOS devices for free. Yes, you listen it right, there is no need to pay any cent for playing the game as it is entirely free offered by the game industry.

Lots of challenging levels, stories, chapters, features are added in the game, which makes it fantastic. Due to its 3D graphics, you can feel yourself in the role of every character in the game. It means it helps an individual to explore endless entertainment besides reducing mental stress.


You are given different choices for the next moment. Through selecting the choices, a gamer forwards the game in his/her own way. One can easily predict what will happen in the future or how to make the chapter so exciting.

So, it depends upon the user’s choice they need to move into the section or how much there is a need to make the story excited. Every beginner is suggested to make the right choice always in order to make the chapter/story so right.


Diamonds and coins are two main currencies added in the game that helps you to purchase different items besides performing all tasks smoothly. With the help of these currencies, you are able to unlock your favorite story in the game besides to customize the character.

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Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount helps to gain more benefits, play smoothly, and progress faster like no one another can.

Play multiple roles

All the players are allowed to play various roles in My Story: Choose Your Own Path game in order to explore more fun. They don’t need to face any obstacle for playing different positions as it is so easy to and play.

Some of the characters are mentioned below that you can perform smoothly without getting stressed or tensed.

•    High school

•    Wedding

•    College students

•    Homeowner

•    Single function

•    Clear island and so on

Watch the tutorial

In order to understand all game basics, controls, gameplay, purpose, you are suggested to watch the tutorial more carefully. After completing the essential information, an individual is taken to the tutorial part where he/she can see what to do in the game, how to play, and other basics.

Sometimes learning all basics helps them to progress in the game as soon as possible like no one another can. So, every user should concentrate on the game tutorial for obtaining higher outcomes.

Login daily

Login in the game daily allows gamers to collect an array of benefits, in game currencies, bonus, as well as cool prizes. Try to receive all daily rewards after sign in even if you don’t have more time to play any chapter.

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Covet Fashion – Beginner’s Guide!

Covet Fashion Guide

Covet Fashion is considered as most amazing gameplay. It would be the best virtual styling game that is really amazing so you should try it definitely. Try to use real clothes from the real designers which you can easily actually buy in store. Make sure, this game is all about the fashion so if you have phone or tablet then you are able to experience this game perfectly. Well, the game will give you fashion challenges where you can easily dress the model that is available in the game. Therefore, simply use the clothes in order to make the model more attractive or stunning.

Join the Fashion house and link with the FB friends

It becomes very common for the people to use the social networking account like Facebook. Therefore, all you need to do is choosing your account and attach it with the game. Once you link the account with the game then it will automatically give you best outcomes. Consequently, you are able to call your Facebook friends in the game and play along with them. In addition to this, players cannot find a fashion house to join, begin your own. When they leave it open then they are able to shocker how quick it fills.

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Enter the daily 500

It is possible to earn daily 500 in the game. This is only possible at the events. Therefore, simply visit at the event where you need to pay $500 dollars as entry fee and then you can easily take its advantages in couple of days. Simply start making your model more attractive that will definitely help you to get more and more funds in the game. Therefore, this would be really valuable for you on which you can easily trust on so you can easily take its advantages.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Covet Fashion?

When it comes to use diamonds for progress in the game, you need money to keep investing in them. But in today’s world, we tend to find free ways to get paid things; its human nature.. It also get applied to the covet fashion game. So why diamonds are more important in the game? Because they are premium resources in the game. As we know with diamonds, we can have anything in the game in exchange with diamonds. But they are really costly. So people find ways to get free diamonds in  covet fashion game.

So what is the best way to get free diamonds in the game? We can say that online covet fashion free diamonds generator can be helpful for those who are looking for free diamonds in the game. If you are new to this tool, then let me tell you that you can generate unlimited diamonds in the covet fashion game by putting your game username in the tool while getting free diamonds.

So now you know that how you can get free diamonds in covet fashion. When you have lots of diamonds in the game, you are now good to go and rock in the game.