Covet Fashion – Beginner’s Guide!

Covet Fashion Guide

Covet Fashion is considered as most amazing gameplay. It would be the best virtual styling game that is really amazing so you should try it definitely. Try to use real clothes from the real designers which you can easily actually buy in store. Make sure, this game is all about the fashion so if you have phone or tablet then you are able to experience this game perfectly. Well, the game will give you fashion challenges where you can easily dress the model that is available in the game. Therefore, simply use the clothes in order to make the model more attractive or stunning.

Join the Fashion house and link with the FB friends

It becomes very common for the people to use the social networking account like Facebook. Therefore, all you need to do is choosing your account and attach it with the game. Once you link the account with the game then it will automatically give you best outcomes. Consequently, you are able to call your Facebook friends in the game and play along with them. In addition to this, players cannot find a fashion house to join, begin your own. When they leave it open then they are able to shocker how quick it fills.

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Enter the daily 500

It is possible to earn daily 500 in the game. This is only possible at the events. Therefore, simply visit at the event where you need to pay $500 dollars as entry fee and then you can easily take its advantages in couple of days. Simply start making your model more attractive that will definitely help you to get more and more funds in the game. Therefore, this would be really valuable for you on which you can easily trust on so you can easily take its advantages.

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